This week, we have been running our Festival of Ideas, with this year’s theme being ‘Innovation’. It has been a wonderful celebration of students’ work and creativity.

The Mitre Lecture Series and a Conference on Innovation in the Concert Hall has seen us welcome a line-up of inspiring speakers – from the 2002 leaver and founder of award winning Change Please, Cemal Ezel; to consultant radiologist and winner of the John Nichols Prize for Research, Dr Anu Obaro; and founder of sustainable fashion brand Gung Ho, Sophie Dunster.

We have thoroughly enjoyed going off-timetable, hearing from speakers, taking part in competitions and workshops, viewing work around the school and enjoying performances – with the First Year creating an awe-inspiring, life-sized Icarus statue and students from many year groups enjoying a full day of debating.  Meanwhile, the Classics department hosted an Olympic Games with the Junior Year students taking part in sports such as gladiator-style wrestling – using hockey goalie kits to enable the experience of being ‘suited up’, and with foam javelin throwing.

Thanks to everyone for throwing themselves into the festival and making it so much fun!



"I really enjoyed being in such an energetic, constructive atmosphere. It has inspired me and opened up a new way of thinking to me."

Jared Thompson, Fourth Year

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