The Senior Piano Concert held this month was by all accounts an astonishing display of pianistic skill. It has received hundreds of views so far on our YouTube channel and we hope many more will continue to enjoy it.

“There are a great many musical events occurring until the end of this term and the vast majority of these will be available to watch on the school’s Youtube channel,” points out Mr Swinson, Head of Music. “Some of these are streamed live and some are pre-recorded and, as ever with new processes, we are fine tuning our techniques all the time to improve the quality of our production all the time.”

Mr Evans, Head of Piano, introduced this first in a series of many live-streamed concerts this term, and the virtuoso display has racked up almost 700 views thus far. “Friends around the world have tuned in, from as far afield as Cairo!” he said. “Thank you to all our wonderful musicians for taking part and making this all possible.”

You can view the performances below;


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