Trinity Bursary Fund – there’s no such thing as small change.

Our bursary programme helps hundreds of children whose families can’t afford school fees to receive a transformative education.  We want that to be within reach of any child who would thrive here, not only for the difference it will make to them, but also for the way it shapes the school experience and values of our whole community.

Every year we have more children needing help with school fees than we can support. Together, we can change that.

We believe that bursaries at Trinity change lives and hope that you will help us by becoming a donor to our Trinity Bursary Fund.

Your gift doesn’t have to be large to make a big difference. It takes just 40 supporters committing to a gift of £1 per day – the price of half a cup of coffee – to fund a full bursary place and change a child’s life.

We can change lives if we act together.  When it comes to the education of the young, there is no such thing as small change.

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