For the first time ever, Trinity took part in the Independent Schools Ski Championships, which this year was held in Italy, after the end of Autumn Term. A fantastic trip which also saw the successful team bring home lots of awards. Upper Sixth student Toby Young reports from the slopes: 

“Trinity’s debut at the Independent Schools Ski Championships, in Sestriere, Italy, was one to remember. It is usually unheard of for rookies to bring back silverware, however Trinity settled for no less than eight trophies during our first competition.  

“After arriving, the first two days focused on training for the slalom and giant slalom course. It immediately became evident that Eva Haunstetter, Zac and Sam Goldschmeid, and the young star Hugo Jaques, were a force to be reckoned with. Kitted from head-to-toe in chin guards, shin guards and all other manner of guards and with specialist skis for each event, the mighty four ploughed ahead and showed the rest of the team how it was done. It wasn’t long before we all started to feel the rhythm too and things were looking hopeful for our first competition day.  

Competition Day 1 

“The team were up bright and early feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead, thanks to Mr Richbell’s enforced early bedtime so that his team were in the best state for the races. After polishing off a slightly underwhelming buffet breakfast, the team were booted up with skis on snow, eager to race. As each skier took their turn, it was evident that the Trinity side had quite an array of talent on the team. The awards ceremony followed the races that day and brought our first trophies. Every age category we entered saw success. Bronze in the U19 Girls, U19 Boys and U16 Boys Giant Slalom with Hugo Jaques earning silver against students that were nearly two years older than him. 

“There were a lot of sibling rivalry on show with two of the Binns, Goldshmeids, Brunets and Middletons all competing. The most intense competition during this week was definitely between the Middletons, with Amelia taking the first bragging rights by three seconds, a statistic Alex was determined to correct on race day two – Slalom. 

Competition Day 2 

“The course on this day was brutal, with a steep first six turns made increasingly difficult by a lack of snow and abundance of ice throwing off the newer skiers. Despite their sharpened skis, some of our resident experts were challenged, with Sam and Hugo both struggling with the icy turns and failing to make a gate. 

“The ever-reliable Eva Haunstetter stuck to what she knew, picking up yet another podium for the Trinity side. Zac Goldschmeid missed out on the podium by five tenths of a second. Once again, in the Middleton sibling competition, Amelia seized a 1 second victory over Alex. 

“Before heading back to the hotel, it was time for one of the most memorable moments, as over 400 competitors and staff ascended to the mountaintop bar for hot chocolates and a torchlit descent. After a swift snowball fight, with Mr Richbell adopting a fair refereeing plan, the skiers gathered with LED wands placed in their helmets to descend the mountain – a spectacular sight. The tricks were on show too, particularly 360° spins from Jonathan and Sam. Apparently the Oscar Kinsella’s 180° didn’t go as well! 

Competition Day 3 

“Mist rolled over the Italian mountains for Day 3. An intense morning briefing in Mr Richbell’s and Mr Marriott’s ‘office’ was attended by the two team captains, Toby Young (Trinity 1) and Samson Goldschmeid (Trinity 2). This was ahead of the Team Parallel Slalom Race, a relay event down a short GS course where a flag indicates a racer crossing the line so that the next can start. The week had shown that Beau Brendon and Ben Brunet were setting impressive times which gave hope to the teams as we were starting to see that the talent in the pool of skiers wasn’t confined to just the four with their own skis, indeed Beau had finished 19th overall, out of the 350 skiers who were competing in the GS. 

“As knockout rounds commenced, the Trinity 1s drew the short straw, racing eventual winners, Cranleigh, leading to an early exit. Trinity 2 drew Whitgift in the first round and despite Zac Goldschmeid having to climb back up the mountain to make a gate on our first leg, Trinity still managed to beat our sister school. Their catsuits were not as helpful as they may have originally seemed, thanks to some speedy runs from Hugo, Ben, Beau, Eva and Sam. After this, Trinity stormed through the rounds until they met Brentwood in the semi-final. They were the best team in the competition and deserved to win, but we gave them a scare. Trinity secured the Bronze medal with a dominant performance, initiated by Zac, from which we never looked back. 

Final Evening 

“Trinity Ski Team descended into the town of Sestriere where our first stop was the final awards ceremony which added 3rd place in the Senior Mixed Giant Slalom and 3rd Place in the Senior Mixed combined award meaning Trinity placed 3rd overall in the senior competition. After the team celebrated with their two allocated soft drinks in the club, they headed out as a single unit to round off the trip. This was one of Mr Richbell’s favourite memories, the whole team heading for waffles so that the youngest members of the team could be included in their celebrations. The night concluded in the hotel, students and coaches, listening to music in our private corridor before calling it a night ahead of the journey home for Christmas.”  


U14 Giant Slalom Boys – 2nd Place – Hugo Jaques 

U16 Giant Slalom Boys – 3rd Place – Zac Goldschmeid 

U18 Giant Slalom Girls – 3rd Place – Eva Haunstetter 

U18 Giant Slalom Boys – 3rd Place – Samson Goldschmeid 

U18 Slalom Girls – 3rd Place – Eva Haunstetter 

Team Parallel Slalom – 3rd Place (Zac Goldschmeid, Hugo Jaques, Ben Brunet, Beau Brandon, Eva Haunstetter, Samson Goldschmeid) 

Senior Mixed Giant Slalom – 3rd Place 

Senior Mixed Combined Award – 3rd Place 

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