Students across Trinity have recently taken part in numerous computer science competitions to challenge their practical application. The most recent successes are below: 

Perse Coding Team Challenge Round 1 

The Perse Coding Team Challenge is open to students across the UK from First to Fifth Years. Students must submit short code solutions to a range of challenges which increase in difficulty.  There are two rounds, the first takes 40 minutes and is for students working in pairs on one computer. The students who score highly then go onto the second round in teams of three – all vying for the pride of place inscription on the Braben trophy.  

We had 181 Trinity students participate in Round 1. Our exceptionally talented programmers achieved 26 Higher Participation awards, 18 Merit Awards and 17 Distinction Awards. Congratulations to all involved, especially the 17 students who achieved a Distinction Award and have made it through to Round 2 of the competition. 

 A special congratulations to students Mokshi and Adrian, Aarian and Daniel, Noah and Deb, Tom and Josh, Aayan and Lyam (Juniors), and Finn and Andrew (Seniors) who also received the ‘Best in School’ award for scoring full marks in the round. 


Oxford University Computing Challenge (OUCC) 2023 

The Oxford University Computing Challenge is a competition for students who achieved a top 10% score in the UK Bebras challenge last term to develop their skills further and produce programmed solutions to computational thinking problems. 

We had 64 students across all year groups participate in Round 1 of the competition in early January with 12 students achieving a Merit award and 3 students achieving a Distinction award. Well done to Finn, Andrew and Blue who all achieved a Distinction award. 

A further congratulations to Finn who, after scoring full marks, ranked first place for his age group nationally and makes it through to the competition national finals in March. 


British Informatics Olympiad 

The British Informatics Olympiad (BIO) is an annual competition in computer programming which involves a three-hour exam, taken at school, in which students solve problems with the aid of a computer. 

This year, 17 Trinity students competed, with some excellent performances from Asher, Finley, Caleb, Ronak and Finn. Well done!

“Our exceptionally talented computer scientists have continued to enjoy yet another fun-packed season of competitions. The competitions allow them to explore practical experiences to building solutions and take their learning beyond the classroom. They need to apply algorithmic thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills as well as working in a team. We’ve had students from all year groups across the whole school demonstrate passion and ingenuity. It’s incredible to see how much our excitement and passion our students have for the range of competitions on offer. From individual challenges to whole-class team activities, there’s something for everyone. Computer Science at Trinity is the best place for anyone that loves coding!” 

Mr El Moudden, Teacher of Computer Science

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