As part of this year’s Field Day, Third Year students took part in interactive workshops run by external facilitators Beyond Equality, all about what it means to ‘be a man’. The sessions covered gender stereotypes and masculinities, consent and healthy relationships, and aimed to create a positive environment where our students could open up, talk about sensitive topics, and learn from the experiences of others.  

Nathaniel Horne from Beyond Equality said, “The topics we cover come up a lot in the media students absorb and so it’s important for them to have discussions in a safe environment, where they feel comfortable asking questions. They’re able to challenge their own preconceptions about masculinity and how they behave towards each other.”  

The students found the workshops really engaging, and made comments including, “I really enjoyed it, it opened my eyes to a lot of things”, “It challenged a lot of my ideas about male stereotypes and made me feel a lot more comfortable about myself”, “It opened my eyes to topics that we don’t talk about, that it’s difficult to talk about, with family and friends”.  

The students completed two modules of the course run by Beyond Equality during Field Day and will complete the final module in January next year. 

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