Over the May half term, a group of 30 students from the Junior to the Third Year took part in a trip down to Poole in Dorset for a week of sailing. 

Most students had limited experience, but plenty of enthusiasm, and the group was further buoyed by the glorious May sunshine we experienced. 

The Trinity sailing trip has been running for more than 20 years and aims to give students the skills and experience of sailing out on the open water and help them work towards their Royal Yachting Association Youth Scheme qualifications. Everyone in this year’s group was successful in gaining their Stage 1 qualification, with many also making great progress towards their Stage 2. 

Third Year student Luke said, “I wanted to go on the sailing trip because I had sailed a couple of times before and I had really enjoyed it. Some of my favourite parts of the trip were: Sailing to Hamworth Park in a long sail which consisted of sailing upwind, downwind and crossbeam (across the wind); I also enjoyed nearly capsizing several times because our sail was pulled in tight, and we were sailing with the wind. I only capsized once but not because we were sailing: we were being towed by the powerboats out to where we would start, and my sailing partner sat in the wrong spot, leading to the boat capsizing because of the unequal weight.  

Capsizing during the Trinity sailing trip Bowling during the Trinity sailing trip

“There were also some fun evening activities like going to Splashdown water park, bowling, the arcade, the cinema and beach games on the beach. 

“I really liked getting to know the other people on this trip, most of whom I had never seen in school before, or I didn’t recognise. Overall, this trip has made me want to do sailing more because it was so fun and exciting. I thank the teachers for giving up their half term to do this.” 

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