The organisers of the long-running UK Space Design Competition (for senior students) decided a few years ago to create a junior version of the competition; the Galactic Challenge.

Trinity has sent a number of teams to take part in local heats of this event, often competing successfully against stiff competition.

During Covid-related restrictions, however, the events could not operate in their usual face-to-face format, so moved online, with the organisers inviting entries from individuals or small teams able to collaborate remotely.

Mission III, launched last term, invited designs for a new settlement on Mars – in the year 2060. Students were tasked with producing a mini-guide to entice people from Earth to become ‘first settlers’.

The Mission III competition was entered by four Trinity boys. Gabriel Newlands teamed up with two students from Riddlesdown Collegiate, while Ethan Hua and Hayden Yusuf  worked together on their ‘Oasis’ entry. Meanwhile, Ryan Ilmane put in a solo effort with his ‘Primis’ design (below).

All the boys did well, but Ryan was particularly successful, winning his individual Key Stage 2 competition outright.

Well done Ryan!

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