Two Upper Sixth students have launched a new business called Board Masters with an innovative whiteboard cleaning product and are looking to develop it now that they have completed their A Levels. 

Kofi Akuoko and Nathan Fakorede initially came up with the idea as part of a brainstorming session during the Young Enterprise competition. They had witnessed first-hand teachers’ and students’ frustration with whiteboards that could not be cleaned properly and how this simple problem could hinder the learning experience. They identified a gap in the market for a 2 in 1 whiteboard cleaner – combining a board rubber with an effective cleaning spray. 

However, it was after the competition that they fully started developing the idea. Kofi says, “We started testing different designs in the DT lab but were unable to produce a long-lasting product. We created a design specification and researched suppliers who were manufacturing similar products. Our design includes a washable microfibre cloth and refillable spray to be as sustainable as possible. We found a partner, were able to order a sample and after our own testing, recruited members of the Trinity teaching staff to test and provide feedback to us. 

Board Masters product details

“We were met with resounding praise by teachers who had previously had problems cleaning their boards and we received useful feedback on packaging. We then took our product to the Headmaster Mr Kennedy and after pitching our plan to launch it after Trinity, the school put in an order and became our first major client!” 

What’s next for the young entrepreneurs? Kofi says, “Our plan is to contact local schools and offer them Board Masters samples so they can experience how effective the product is themselves. We also plan to continue innovating and collecting feedback. Eventually, we would love to have our product in all schools in the country!” 

What have they learned through the process? Kofi says, “It took us over a year from the first conception to having a final product, due to setbacks of finding a supplier and learning how to manage a business. This process has taught us a lot about running a business such as creating budgeting sheets, developing advertising strategies, managing team members, building a website, meeting shipping deadlines and negotiating with suppliers plus the framework required to do this. Overall, it has given us a determination to continue to run our own business.” 

Good luck to Kofi and Nathan! If anyone is interested in sampling the product, please get in touch with the team via their website: https://boardmasters.org/  

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