Congratulations to Upper Sixth student Tanay on his fantastic presentation for the Articulation Prize, which he delivered last week at the Photographers Gallery, London. 

The Articulation Prize for England invites young people between the ages of 16-19 to deliver a 10-minute illustrated presentation to an audience about a work of art, artefact, or architecture of their choice. The competition takes place annually, and more than 1,000 young people participate. 

For his presentation, Tanay researched a body of work from the Mughul period (South Asia from 1526-1748). He interrogated the under-representation of women within the arts, both through depiction and as artist themselves.  

This preparation led him to deliver an outstanding presentation of great depth and maturity. His eloquent use of visuals ensured that his words came to life and that the audience went on the journey with him.  

Mr Robertson, Trinity’s Director of Art, said, “I was very impressed by the strength of his presentation and his subject research. He enriched his audience with a greater understanding of art history, expanding beyond the generally prescribed and perceived ‘western’ canonical knowledge.  

“When responding to a question from the judge, Tanay was able to further deconstruct one of the pieces that he addressed, by highlighting the facial expressions and walking him through the layers of interpretation and meaning. 

“We are all very proud of his achievements and the high bar that he has set for future Trinity participants.” 

Tanay says, “I picked Mughal art as my topic because I was interested in discussing artworks made by women in male-dominated courts of art. Additionally, exposing lesser-known art forms to the audience partly informed my decision to choose this topic. I learned so much myself while researching for the presentation – both supporting and countering the points in my presentation. 

“Condensing the information into a 10-minute presentation that ensures the attention and interests of the audience was challenging, but I held rehearsals with my art class and myself before the day of the competition. I’m glad to have taken part and see other speakers give fantastic presentations, too.” 

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