Last week our Fourth Year students attended a screen time awareness talk presented by Dr Aric Sigman.

Dr Sigman, who lectures on PSHE (personal, social and health education), highlighted the key issues that may occur with the overuse of mobile devices, as well as the harm it can do to the body and brain.

Dr Sigman explained that overuse and misuse of screens can lead to the a change in the body’s chemistry, which affects a student’s school life. He used humour and various research to present the dangers of screen time, as well as ways students can safely and healthily use screens.

Student Joe Bodle said : “Mr Sigman spoke to us about the dangers of the internet as well as the effects of the over use of technology. Using his own knowledge and expertise in this field, he gave us clear insight into what the statistics show, which were shocking. He also gave a scientific point of view of the dangers. Thank you, Dr Sigman.”

Zain Mirza said: “The talk was very relatable and easy to listen to”, and David Aisa Miller added: “It was an eye opener to the dangers of the internet,”

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