Congratulations to four students who won an internal competition run by the Geography Department, and whose entries have now been submitted to the national Young Geographer of the Year competition. The four students are Oliver Hull, Arhan Gandhi and Andre Fritsch (now in the Second Year) and Daniel Sarai (now in the Fourth Year) and they all won inspiring books for their efforts. 

The school competition was open to First-, Second- and Third-Year students and followed the theme and criteria of the national competition, run by the Royal Geographical Society. This year’s theme was ‘A blueprint for the future’ and entrants were encouraged to consider how we tackle the big geographical issues of today, to protect the future of our planet and the people who live on it.  

This includes innovative ideas to address problems in areas such as food production and supply, energy and sustainability, water security, resources, population growth, economic crisis, transport, travel, urbanisation, risk management, trade, environmental management, biodiversity and more. 

Mrs Prestney, Teacher of Geography, said, “The standard of entries this year was really high, with some super ideas shown on futuristic strategies and new technologies to adapt to or mitigate the issues of climate change. The winning entries, however, were chosen on the basis of their detail, full understanding of the brief and great presentation. They all showed huge imagination too; with Trinity students like this leading the way, our future is looking brighter!” 

Andre chose to look at water and energy supplies; Arhan tackled plastic pollution including microplastics like glitter and renewable energy; Daniel looked at hydrogen fuel cells; and Oliver redesigned London as an eco-city, looking at multiple ways to make our capital city more sustainable. 

The deadline for the national competition is in October and winners will be invited to an awards ceremony in December – watch this space! 

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