A mixed year group Drama initiative is seeing students rehearsing and performing lines from plays such as The Cellar Tapes, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Life of Galileo and Kaleidoscope.

“What began as the idea of rehearsing a single play online has developed into a rehearsed reading platform, with students getting the opportunity to play many different parts and exploring different genres of theatre,” explains Mr Chambers, Head of Drama Productions.

“From comedy sketches to the harrowing final scenes of To Kill A Mockingbird, students have become adept at sight reading and bringing their characters to life.  The joy of these twice-weekly meetings has been to see students from across all years meet online and interact with each other.”

The drama reading sessions may culminate in a performance of a single piece that can be shared towards the end of term, adds Mr Chambers.


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