During a recent lunchbreak, Head of Chinese, Peishu Lin and Chinese teacher, Tianying Zhu, held a socially-distanced Taichi Kungfu Fan activity at the school pavilion.

A group of Year Six students interested in Chinese culture and language were involved, while the teachers spoke of the benefits of Taichi and Kungfu fan dance. The boys observed carefully and imitated the moves.

“To rapid, melodious and passionate music, eight boys dressed in traditional Chinese costumes, held red kung fu fans and danced like butterflies,” said Trinity’s Head of Chinese, Peishu Lin.

The Taichi Kungfu fan dance absorbs the essence of traditional martial arts. It combines the movements of Taichi, different styles of martial arts, and the waving of a fan. The Taichi fan uses the techniques of opening, closing, stabbing and turning of the fan to represent the palm, fist, sword and falchion in traditional Chinese martial arts. The Taichi Kungfu fan can be described as ornamental, interesting and healthy, she points out.

Students then practiced together and made up their own unique ending poses, which were designed by themselves so as to increase their creativity.

All of them were very proud of their own creative spirit. Well done!

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