Students demonstrate outstanding talent during Music competition week

Music | 14th February 2020

Last week saw our talented musicians demonstrate their incredible skill and flair in the first rounds of our Trinity Musician of the Year competition.

Players took part in a series of instrumental rounds across piano, woodwind, strings, singing and brass. The week culminated in a recital competition, accompanied by professional musician Alan Brown and adjudicated by British pianist, conductor and répétiteur Susanna Stranders.

The winners of each category will move on to our semi-final recital round in the spring term. From there, three finalists will be selected to perform a concerto with an orchestra to determine our Musician of the Year in the summer term.

The quality of playing throughout last week was exceptional. Every adjudicator mentioned how impressed they were with our students, making decisions difficult throughout, reflecting both the overall playing ability of our students and the sheer strength in depth.


Grades 0-3Grades 4-5Grades 6-7
1st -  Daniel Battersby - Trumpet1st -   Lucas Wan - French horn1st - Freddie Jemison – Trumpet
2nd - Mahen Jayasinghe - French horn2nd - Simeon Wren - Trumpet2nd - Ross Ah-Weng – Trumpet
3rd - Reeyan Ganatra - Trumpet3rd - Joshie Lamey - Trumpet
3rd - David Fitzpatrick – Trumpet
Highly Commended  - William Lane - Trumpet


Grade 1-3Grades 4-5Grades 6-8
1st - Luca Nissim  - Flute1st - Leo Jemison - Bassoon1st - Nathaniel Bond - Flute
2nd Archie Beckett - Saxophone2nd - Keyur Patel - Flute2nd  - William Davies -Saxophone
3rd - Ansh Shetty - Oboe3rd - Cameron Wray - Saxaphone3rd - Aarav Ganguli - Flute
Highly Commended Ioan Edwards - OboeHighly Commended Ethan Hocquellet - Saxophone


Junior ClassIntermediate ClassSenior ClassSixth Form Musical Theatre Class
1st - Isaac Rogers1st - Leo Jemison1st – Freddie Jemison1st – William Hardy
2nd – Dihain Mallikarachchi2nd - Harry Jordan2nd – Aman de SilvaJoint 2nd – Alexandra Persinaru & Elaine Jones
3rd – Rohan Duggal3rd – Tom Willmer3rd – Patrick Minton
Highly Commended – Oscar BarrittHighly Commended – Ethan ThorneHighly Commended – Tate Nicol


Grades 1-3Grades 4-6Grades 7-8
1st - Lucas Wan1st - Dominic Holland1st - Ethan Thorne
2nd- Jasper Bew2nd - Cosmas Dunne2nd - Andrew Ah-Weng
3rd - Maksim Lalic3rd - IRohan Duggal3rd - Ethan Hua
HC - Ethan SunHC - Oliver GermanHC - Ethan Hocquellet


Early Electric Intermediate and Advanced ElectricGrades 0-3 Classical Grades 4-6 ClassicalGrades 7-8 
1st - Charlie Pryce1st - George Brown1st - Suhaan Verma1st - Andrew Pavalarajancroos1st - Joseph Jenkins
2nd- Frank Collins2nd - Jasper Bew2nd - Ashvin Jeyanandhan2nd  - Tommy Cunninghame2nd - Dominic Holland
3rd - Elliot Secord3rd - Isaac Rogers (Bass)3rd - Christopher Legge3rd - Jamie Khandke3rd  - Zander Bennett


Grades 0-3Grades 4-6Grades 7-8
1st  - Benjy day1st - James Bradburn1st  - Zain Lam
2nd  - Robert Cretney2nd - Daniel Battersby2nd - Ethan Thorne
3rd  - Malachi Charalambous3rd - Theo Desai3rd - William Davies
Highly Commended - Ellis GatesHighly Commended - Ed Warner

Recital Competition (in no particular order)

Daniel Zolinsky – Piano
Jeanette Szeto – Viola
Ying Kei Lo – Violin

Congratulations to all participants and finalists!