Congratulations to Third Year student Louie James, who has just signed a contract with the Kent Cricket Emerging Player Programme (EPP) and will be training with the U14 squad. 

The programme is an exciting opportunity for talented cricketers to further develop and challenge their skills and thinking at a higher level, with highly skilled coaches, and is an integral part of the journey for future Kent and England cricketers. 

Louie was nominated by a local coach and took part in the autumn trials; he recently completed his induction, signing his contract and completing fitness tests. 

Louie says, “My cricket journey has been amazing – from practising in the local park to now being recognised for an EPP contract is something that I never thought would happen especially as this last season was only my third playing cricket! I’m looking forward to working with great coaches, being challenged, and developing my game both physically and mentally to the next level.

“Trinity has really helped me on my journey with support from great coaches, sports psychologist sessions and the overall cricket family aiding me to be confident and comfortable with my game. I hope that I can inspire others at Trinity to believe that no matter the obstacles in sport, dedication and belief will get you to where you want to be.”

"We are delighted for Louie and congratulate him on his fabulous achievement. We look forward to supporting him in every we can, as he continues to develop as a student and cricketer here at Trinity".

Mr Richards, Head of Cricket

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