Sixth Form student Alex Connaghton has been selected for the England U18 Lambs.

Alex has developed his rugby skills throughout his time at Trinity. Starting as a young student representing the School in the U12D team, Alex enjoyed playing with his friends.

Coaches soon spotted his potential and talent and, over the years, Alex has realised his capabilities on the field and has progressed to receive this coveted honour. Following his selection, Alex will tour South Africa with the rest of the team in March.

Playing for The Lambs allows students to showcase their rugby skills at a representative level.  Their approach is to play ‘unreserved, ‘heads up’ rugby’, allowing players to experience the game in a ‘free style’, rather than with traditional coaching methods.

Alex said: “Thanks to the support and encouragement of my coaches at Trinity, I have realised a true passion for rugby. I am honoured to be selected for the Lambs.  I started off in the U12 D team, and my time here has helped me to see what I am capable of”.

Ian Kench, Director of Rugby, said: “Alex is one of the hardest working boys I have come across in my time at the school. He has consistently been one of the standout performers in his time involved in the 1st XV, which is a fantastic reward for him. I am particularly pleased, given his start point was as a young boy in first year who wasn’t that interested in playing rugby. I am sure the tour will be trip that he will remember for a lifetime.”

Congratulations, Alex!

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