Second Year Drama scholar, Kieran Logendra, has had an exciting few weeks. As well as a busy school schedule, Kieran works professionally as an actor and presenter. Recently, he has been working with kids’ channel Nickelodeon (or Nick) on an exciting series ahead of The Paralympic Games of Paris 2024 this summer.

Kieran explains, “I’ve worked with Nickelodeon a few times before, and spent a week last summer filming as a co-host for Nick’s Guide To…  The latest bit of filming I’ve done is for the SpongeBob’s 25th Anniversary project with the GB Paralympics team.

“I’m one of a few hosts who interview Paralympians and have a go at some para-sports. Most of these shoots have involved travelling to the GB teams’ training sites, filming an introduction with a co-host, interviewing the Paralympian and having some time with them, where they teach us the sport and techniques.

“I can’t reveal any of the athletes’ names until the programmes come out, but my favourite interview was with a para-swimmer. She was really fun and gave me some tips on how to improve my swimming. The whole day was shot in the pool, so it was really interesting to see how the film crew filmed underwater and above us with a crane!

“I’ve loved getting the chance to meet these determined Paralympians, whose journeys are so inspiring to me. For example, when I met a Paralympian archer – she told me about how everyone told her she couldn’t do archery because of her disability (she was born with a short left arm). Even though lots of people told her she couldn’t, she created a different way of holding the bow and became the first person with that disability to try archery. She is also really keen on encouraging other people with disabilities to try archery.”

It sounds like an incredible experience, and we wondered if there were any downsides to the job? Kieran admits, “The only challenging bit of the filming was the early starts and long journeys to get to the shooting locations, which were all over the country, but the experiences were definitely worth it!”

We’re looking forward to seeing Kieran in action when his interviews come out on Nickelodeon ahead of The Paralympic Games of Paris 2024 which run from 28 August until 8 September.

Kieran says, “Watch out for the colourful surprise at the end the archery shoot!”

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