The choirs of the three Foundation schools combined with the London Mozart Players to deliver a spectacular performance of Karl Jenkins’s ‘The Armed Man’ at Fairfield Halls recently. The concert had been planned for some time but had been postponed due to the pandemic on a few occasions, says Mr Swinson, Director of Music:

“‘The Armed Man’ calls for a large orchestra and choir and the London Mozart Players also invited instrumentalists from the three schools to join with their professional players.

“Trinity’s contribution was to provide four percussionists, the four solo singers and the solo cellist. Many congratulations to the percussionists Daniel Battersby, Jasper Bew, Naku Debebe and Ellis Gates and the solo singers Leo Jemison, Joshua D’Souza Konda, Freddie Jemison and Patrick Minton. All these pupils performed with great confidence and skill.

“The biggest congratulations, however, should go to star cellist, Jenson Wong, for his outstanding rendition of the famous cello solo in the ‘Benedictus’. This solo is challenging both technically and emotionally, as it is very exposed and any flaw is obvious to listeners. When the composer, Karl Jenkins, conducts the work he always brings in his own cellist and there is only one player in the world he trusts! Jenson was ice cool and played beautifully.”

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"I was so proud of our pupils. Not only did they demonstrate outstanding talent, they also showed great poise and professionalism in the way they presented themselves."

Mr Swinson, Director of Music

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