Our Lower and Upper Sixth Form art students spent the day in Dungeness on the Kent coast this week.

Despite the strong winds and pouring rain, they managed to take photographs, draw and paint the landscape and seascape, carefully documenting the contrasts between the architecture, beach, land, sea and the nuclear power station.

This work will inform each artist’s theme for their current personal project.

Jack Lowndes (U6) said: “The trip helped me to develop a new approach to our coursework projects in art.  The almost desolate, flat landscape of the coast against the standout lighthouses and power station can be artistically perceived in many ways. Some of us looked for inspiration in the contrasting modern architecture to the equally interesting run-down shacks. Others used the environment to create artwork, like using a plastic bag and a pen to create a collaboration with the wind. Despite the pouring rain, each one of us came away with a new perspective on our projects, and also some work to support further experimentation, whether it’s a painting, photo or piece of landscape”.

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