A group of Lower Sixth students have started a news and current affairs briefing known as Illuminate.

It is published on Firefly and covers a wide variety of interesting stories that you might have missed. Ben de Sousa, who is leading the initiative, says: “The purpose of ‘Illuminate’ is to shine a spotlight on important stories that have not quite made the front pages because of the once in a lifetime events that have occurred over the past months.”

It is a really accomplished piece of work, and can be found here.

Illuminate was put together with the help of contributors Henry Bishop, Jack Byatt, Oscar Clarke, Barnaby Corry, Chris Green, George Ogden, Emilia Petty, Varun Ravikumar, Max Sherwood, Yash Shetty and Joshua Todd. Students also had the support of Mr Ryan and Ms Cooper.

It covers a vast range of topics and some fascinating stories, including a potential multinational trade union between the commonwealth nations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK; a clinical trail which reverses biological processes associated with ageing in human cells; and a tale of astronomers finding six galaxies trapped in a massive black hole.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction… Enjoy!



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