Sixth Form student, Edouard Gesser, is currently Managing Director of Usoapia, a soap-making company set up as part of Young Enterprise.

He and his team have been very busy over the past two months with their company project.

The team started by brainstorming a product that could have a positive ethical impact, and they also considered the skills they’d like to develop.

As a group, they conduct training, weekly meetings and write newsletters and emails to create a positive relationship between themselves, shareholders and consumers.

β€œIt’s been exciting to be able to test different leadership styles and what works best,” says Edouard. β€œI found that since everyone here has such attention to detail and initiative, my role was simply to keep momentum going.”

Usoapia is selling a range of soaps that are hand produced within a sanitised environment, with due care around the sustainability of the products.

A website has been created as an information hub. This includes an enquiries section and pre-orders can now be made.


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