Sixth Form student, Ari Yad, is determined to follow in the the footsteps of nine aspiring Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science ’21 leavers who obtained offers from their chosen destinations, and spent a week this summer in St George’s Hospital in Tooting South London.

We have been delighted to see a number of students in the Sixth Form undertake valuable volunteering and community work related to these competitive fields of study, whilst also giving back to society. For instance, Angelique Brunni helped at a mass vaccine project at Wembley in June, while Joshua Muyobo volunteered to shadow a urology consultant for a week at Newham University Hospital, Rosemary Goodall volunteered in a care home over the Easter holidays, Abi Poulton spent a few months volunteering at St Helier Hospital in Sutton and Yash Shetty spent some time at the Croydon University Hospital Urgent Care Unit.

Most recently, Ari reported back to us about his experience. He writes:

“I was fortunate enough to spend a week observing the radiology department at St. George’s Hospital. This experience taught me so many valuable lessons.

“The importance of each individual in the multi-disciplinary team was made clear to me – no role is more important than the other. Without the nurses, the surgeons would be unable to perform surgery safely and effectively, and without the co-ordinators, the entire department would be in chaos. The co-operation and communication between all these different members of the team was inspiring.

“I got to enter the operating theatre and observe several surgeries – I was glad to discover that I wasn’t too squeamish! I also got to help examine the results of x-rays, CT scans and ultrasounds, discussing with the doctors my thoughts and applying what I had learnt. I was even allowed to get involved myself and help hand the equipment to the surgeons during procedures!

“The most important lesson I learnt during my week was the importance of keeping the patient at ease. When in contact with patients, I made sure to always prioritise their feelings and remain positive, always greeting them with a smile!”

“I am extremely grateful for the time given to me by the radiology department at St. Georges Hospital. It taught me a great deal and really helped solidify my passion to read medicine at university.”

Ari Yad, Sixth Form student and aspiring Medic

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