Sixth Form student, Alfie Nicol, has been busy producing a video about space, time and eternity.

You would be forgiven for thinking the video is related to lockdown, but it isn’t. Rather it was developed as a contribution to his art topic work, all about the concept of space.

Alfie said “The abstract images are representative of how I feel about Space, Time, and Eternity.  I explore philosophical questions, such as ‘What is eternity?’; ‘Will time ever end?’ and ‘How big is the universe?’”

He says he is inspired by the artist Antony Gormley whose work has seemed particularly topical to him during lockdown. Widely acclaimed for his sculptures, installations and public artworks which investigate the relationship of the human body to space, Gormley also confronts questions such as where we stand in relation to nature and the cosmos.

Alfie’s video displays great use of sound, and impressive work with lights and darks.

He explains: “The most important part of the film is the soundtrack. The movie ‘Interstellar’ has always felt very special to me in its representation of the universe, and rewatching it sparked my passion for film. The soundtrack to the movie is by Hans Zimmer, and I had to incorporate it due to its dramatic and emotional atmosphere. I tried with multiple other soundtracks, but this was by far the best one.”

Well done Alfie.


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