Virtual Mentoring got off the ground this week and worked really well. Sixty-five Sixth Form students have volunteered and were each trained in the Autumn term as part of their Diploma programme to be mentors to the Lower School.

The programme has focused on matching them with our youngest students in the Junior Year to offer them extra support, using their wisdom and credibility to encourage them to make the most of Trinity.

Small groups of students meet each Tuesday morning via Teams, matching boys from different Junior forms to at least two Sixth Form mentors to build connections across different classes and age groups.

The Personal Development themes for this term for the Juniors include ‘Being a good friend’ and ‘Talking about your worries and anxieties’. The Sixth Form students will lead targeted conversations on these themes in the coming weeks alongside generally checking in on mentees’ wellbeing.

The aims of the mentors are to care and be interested; to listen to problems; to share experiences; to help set and meet achievable targets; to encourage good behaviour; to help boost self esteem and confidence; to motivate and encourage; and to share tips on how to enjoy life at Trinity.

“It’s an uplifting start to the week for everyone involved,” says Mrs Carey, Deputy Head of Lower and Middle School.



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