Last term, Second Year students were challenged to develop and present their own TED Talk for the annual inter-form competition. Head of Second Year, Mr Kimmins kicked things off by presenting his talk on ‘How to save the NHS’. Each student was then tasked to choose a topic they’re passionate about, research it, create a presentation and deliver a talk to their form.  

The students did incredibly well, with every form sharing inspiring and thought-provoking speeches on a variety of topics. Their TED Talks covered areas such as masculinity and music in the modern era, and the form rooms were full of passionate debates and discussions most mornings.  

However, there could only be one winner from each form and students had to vote for their favourite. Each winner then took part in the final event after Easter in front of an audience of parents, academic scholars, teachers and the expert panel of judges.

Congratulations to all students, and especially those who reached the final and presented fascinating talks on their chosen topics: 

  • Ryan Patel (2B) on the death penalty and its relevance today 
  • Humphrey Bedford (2E) who kept the audience awake discussing the importance of sleep 
  • Ed Molony (2G) questioned the place of celebrity authors 
  • Emile Guiblin (2H) discussed the history of magic 
  • Benjy Gilbert (2D) narrated the tale of the real Mona Lisa
  • Blue Creighton (2P) surveyed how AI is infiltrating modern society today

The judges – Mr Kennedy, Mr Powell and Mrs Carey – all deliberated over choosing one winner as all students were worthy of the accolade. However, the final decision was that Emile Guiblin had really impressed with his presenting skills as well as engaging the audience a live card trick which nobody could fathom. 

Mr Kimmins says, “A massive congratulations to all Second-Year students who had the courage to stand up and talk in front of their forms and to all the finalists on the day. It was a fantastic event that had the crowd in awe, and one they should all feel immensely proud about – well done!” 

All finalists were rewarded with gift vouchers that were presented to the students by the Headmaster during assembly.  

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