Three Second Year students have been selected as finalists at BAFTA’s Young Game Designers (YGD) awards.

AndrewCaden and Iggy devised a game called Evolution, a survival game which involves a gorilla running around collecting food, whilst avoiding lions and other obstacles such as lakes and cliffs.

They are now up against nine other finalists in the 10-14 year age category of the prestigious Game Making award.

Their character has three different stats: health, hunger, and stamina. Health is represented by a red bar, hunger a brown bar, and stamina a yellow bar. In order to survive, the gorilla must harvest bushes for berries and destroy trees for apples. The scoring system is days survived. Each day is 25 seconds and the aim of the game is to survive for the most amount of days.

The lion usually patrols its territory, but if the gorilla gets seen by the lion, it is chased. There is no way to defeat the lion apart from running away!

Mr Page said the boys are regular attendees of the Computing Club and have worked on this game during this time as well as at home.

“They have always performed brilliantly in lessons and excelled in programming using Python in first and second form, as well as using the GameMaker software as part of lessons and clubs to stretch their coding skills,” he added. “This is a great achievement and they are already planning their entry for the 2021 competition.”

Finalists for the tenth annual BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition will attend a ceremony on 18 June at BAFTA headquarters at 195 Piccadilly in central London.

The winners will get to meet top gaming experts who’ll work with them to develop and make their game even better.

Good luck, boys!


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