We recently enjoyed the Second Year TED Talk finals in the Sandison room, where six students from the Second Year presented their TED Talk in front of friends, family and a panel of judges including Mr Kennedy, Mr Powell and Mr Petty.

Mr Munday, Head of Second Year, says: “The competition was very strong, as these six students were the winners of the form group heats. Interform points were at stake as well as the crown of being the TED Talk champion!”

All boys performed incredibly well under what was certainly increased pressure. Huge congratulations to all six; Naku Debebe (1st place), Lucas Collier (2nd place), Alex Martin (3rd place), Hayden Yusuf, Hugh Hardy and Daniel Sarai (highly commended).

Talk titles included:

Daniel Sarai – Cars by country

Alex Martin – Quantum physics

Hugh Hardy – Dreams

Hayden Yusuf – Back to the drawing board; how to design the perfect sustainable city

Naku Debebe – Martian Colonisation

Lucas Collier – Electric Vehicles: Are they really better for the environment?









“Huge congratulations to Naku, Lucas, Alex, Hayden, Hugh and Daniel.”

Mr Munday, Head of Second Year

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