Second Year students recently had their first Lifeskills sessions of the term. This involved the boys being off timetable for a period, and considering the topic ‘Being comfortable with being uncomfortable’. Tutors discussed how outfits like the Navy SEALs push their recruits into a ‘zone’ when training, with a video helping to generate discussion.

“We wanted to change the Lifeskills sessions this term to tailor them to the fact that we are learning from home, again. Students engaged well in discussion and were encouraged to think about how they would deal with uncomfortable situations.

“Lots of us are struggling with not being in school and feeling uncomfortable doing our school work from home. By doing these sessions we’re hoping to equip the Second Year students to be as successful in their school lives at home as we know they would have been if in school,” explains Mr Munday, Head of Second Year.

On Teams, students discussed their own, unique ‘nightmare’ situations and how they find these scary as well as ways to overcome their fears. Through discussions around categories of fears – such as fear of failure – as well as coping mechanisms, boys discussed with their peers how to get through challenging situations and how it can in fact be beneficial to be uncomfortable every now and then.

Students also signed a pledge to put themselves in a challenging situation they may normally avoid, asking someone they live with to support them and also sign the pledge.




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