Second Year student, Rohan Rai, has been coming to DT workshops at lunchtimes and after school over the past couple of weeks to design, using the computer software SolidWorks, a ‘Helter-skelter dice roller’.

The picture shows his final design made using the school’s 3D printer.

With Mr Townsend’s help, Rohan has learnt some sophisticated techniques and now knows how to use the 3D Printer, too.

Any students interested in working on a personal project are warmly encouraged to speak to their DT teacher about the opportunities available. For those in the Fourth and Fifth Years, Mr Currigan also runs an Engineering club at Thursday lunchtime.

Well done, Rohan!

"It is fantastic to see students coming to the DT department with plans for personal projects that they would like design or make."

Mr Currigan, Head of Design Technology

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