It has been brilliant to see the Lower School students participating in our annual Mob Runs over the past week. The Mob Run is one of the events that define our ethos of sport at Trinity, aiming to be the most inclusive, supportive and fun event on the school’s sporting calendar.  

Despite the heat, the Junior Year enthusiastically set off on their first Trinity Mob Run last Friday towards the end of the school day. It was lovely to see parents and siblings coming along to cheer, and we had many teachers join in too, particularly those new to the school. It was a great end to the first week of the term.  

The First-, Second- and Third-Year Mob Runs took place this week with students running around courses of 1.5-3km depending on their age. We also have our strongest runners from the Upper School setting off first and acting as ‘hares’ for the race. 

The Mob Runs are special because every student takes part and, as it’s an inter-form competition, every runner counts, whether they come in 1st or 187th. We always find that every student will do their best and, if they start to get tired, they’ll have other students from their form cheering them on. This camaraderie can help students push through those tough moments.    

The important thing is that students unite around a common goal, and this sense of community helps motivate everyone. We do award individual medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and this year’s results are below. 

Well done to those students, and well done to every student who took part and tried their best. 


  • 1st Harry Beeraje 
  • 2nd Gabriel Dickinson 
  • 3rd Adam Battersby 

 First Year 

  • 1st Leighton Dekas
  • 2nd Aaron Borteye
  • 3rd Evan McLeish

Second Year 

  • 1st Paul Tregilgas 
  • 2nd Andre Nimoh 
  • 3rd Elliot Giegiel 

3rd Year 

  • 1st Dan Tough 
  • 2nd Shay Ivory 
  • 3rd Charlie Goodbody 

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