We were all excited to see the new trailer for the upcoming Peter Pan & Wendy film released this week. Starring Trinity Fifth Year student Alex Molony as the eponymous hero, it has also been announced that the film will be released exclusively on Disney+ on Friday 28 April.  

The trailer introduces all the familiar characters in this retelling of the JM Barrie classic novel, with Jude Law starring as Captain Hook and Ever Anderson as Wendy. We see the stunning scenery of Neverland, with thrilling flying and sword-fighting scenes also promised. 

After many months of auditions, including with a stunt and sword-fighting choreographer, Alex was cast in the role of Peter. They were due to start filming in early 2020, but this was delayed due to Covid-19, and the cast eventually travelled to Vancouver in January 2021. 

The final month of filming took place in Newfoundland which Alex describes as ‘just amazing’. The breath-taking scenery, dramatic mountains and fjords, rugged coastline and picturesque beaches lend themselves to recreating the wilds of Neverland. Alex feels the cast bonded particularly well during those final weeks of filming. 

What was one of the main things Alex learned through the filming experience? “I learned about being professional from Jude Law. He was always so professional the whole time, it was a great reminder. It was wonderful working with him, we had a great connection. One time, we were just sitting in a little dinghy, waiting to film, and we’re just talking. It was great.” 

Alex was also glad that he had trained in the Trinity Fitness Centre ahead of filming. “The stunts were very physical and relied heavily on my core.” 

Alex has not yet seen the film and found watching himself in the teaser during initial promotions a bit difficult, “I don’t like seeing myself and that’s a fact! However, I am really looking forward to seeing how the film has turned out, as so much effort went into the making of it.” 

Alex is already planning his next move, “I loved the experience of making a film, it was unforgettable. I would like to go back to stage again professionally though, as I haven’t done that for a while. I would also love to be in my favourite TV series ‘Midsomer Murders’.” 

Good luck in your next endeavour Alex and we look forward to seeing the full film soon. Check out the trailer for Peter Pan & Wendy here. 

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