In the run up to Children’s Mental Health Week, our parents explored how they can help their children gain more confidence in their learning.

Encouraging autonomy, ownership and high-level thinking in our students a key aim of our academic ethos at Trinity.

In doing so, students are equipped with the knowledge, the skills and confidence to take control of their own learning and we were delighted that so many parents wanted to be part of the conversation.

In a session led by Dr James Mannion, parents gained an insight into the mechanics of learning and how they can assist their children to become more self-regulated when it comes to academic work.

They were encouraged to consider their own internal motivations in decision making and to reconsider their approach when engaging in conversations with young people.

For example, they explored the theory of  ‘transactional analysis’, where an awareness of their own state in conversations with young people and peers can be adapted to have more positive outcomes.

This is a timely topic, as this week is Children’s Mental Health Week, which started in 2015 to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health.

We were delighted to receive very positive feedback on the event and look forward to exploring the topic further at our next parent seminar on 10 February: ‘Exploring through Conversation’.

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