Over the summer, we were delighted to welcome back thirteen young alumni and recent leavers, to join this year’s Telephone Campaign and raise money for the Trinity Bursary Fund. In a time of high inflation, we were overwhelmed that our young team of callers secured four-year funding of £120,000 from our generous community – thank you.

The Telephone Campaign takes place every two years, and is an important opportunity for young alumni to reconnect with the Trinity community and discuss the huge impact a bursary can have on students’ lives. The campaign is more than just a fundraising initiative; it brings us all together through conversations with alumni, parents, staff and friends. Discussions, ranging from advice to our callers on entering the world of work, to guidance for our parents whose children were about to embark on the exciting journey of university applications. This inter-generational exchange epitomises what Trinity is all about—support, learning, growth, and good conversation.

Telephone Campaign 2023

The Telephone Campaign provides the means for our Trinity community to help disrupt the pattern of educational inequality in Croydon. Supporting the Trinity Bursary Fund with a recurring gift, which ensures sustained funding for student bursaries, is a very real way of paying opportunity forward. Regular gifts provide longer term financial income, giving our bursary students a sense of security for academic and personal growth. We have to make sure we can support the full term of a bursary when we make that commitment to a student and their family at the start of their trinity journey. The success of the campaign has translated into a concrete foundation for future bursaries.

In a period of high inflation and pressures on all households, it is amazing to see the level of commitment from our Trinity community. Where everyone is feeling a financial squeeze, time and again our supporters commented how the squeeze is so much more significant for families on low income. With rising fees due to inflation, our donations and central bursary funding is not going as far as even a year ago. So, to have secured four-year funding of £120,000 is truly wonderful. On behalf of our students who only study at Trinity because of your generosity, a big thank you from all of us.

You can read more about the Telephone Campaign as well as real life stories from our bursary recipients, and what your support means to them, in the latest edition of our Supporters’ Impact Report.

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