Our Junior and First Year students put on some excellent Lego displays at our annual inter-form competition this week.

Demonstrating creativity and ingenuity, it was a closely fought competition, with judges struggling to choose the winners.

After much deliberation, the results in this very close contest are as follows:

Junior Year winners
First – JW
Second – JP
Third – JB

First Year winners
First – 1B
Second – 1S and 1H
Third – 1P
Fourth – 1T
Fifth – 1J

Individual prizes
Oscar Venables (1B) – WWI Truce​
Richard Wild (1B)– Coin Machine​
Orlando Riolo (1T) – Igloo scene​
Adil Patel (JP) – Modern Santa sleigh​

Miniature Models​
Caden Cheong (1H)- Fake News​
Kiaren Fernando (JP) – Santa Sleigh

Congratulations to all those that took part in this truly creative and inspiring competition!

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