Water polo season kicked off with an U11 A & B friendly against Whitgift. We witnessed seriously impressive performances, with many playing in their first-ever competitive water polo matches.

According to Mr King, Head of Aquatics, Humphrey Bedford (captain), Jago Daley-Allison, Dylan Odeleye and Charlie Goodbody (GK) were superb in both Green team games, while Anish Moholkar, Leo Price (GK) and Eli Atkinson had several fine moments for our Grey team. Well done also to Luke Timm and Ed Morris in Green and Matthew Jacques (captain), Dylan Robson, Monty Anderson and Savith Peiris in Grey.

U12 Green and Grey teams were next. Perhaps inspired by our U11 results, they won all their games. Joshua (GK), Kal-El and Will were excellent throughout for the Green team but Oliver was man-of-the-match, scoring goals as well as recovering possession of the ball in defence. Goals were spread amongst the Grey team with Enrico Dissera and Alex Martin having several fine moments. Mafeng Pwol, who started with the Grey team, scored five goals in the first game (of six!). Having joined the Green team with the score 2-2, Mafeng scored two goals in less than a minute to build a two goal cushion. Well done also to Rory Pott, Raphael Rivet, Will Letchford, Alix Chan, Timofey Ivanov, Aku Mink and Albie Leslie.

“The teams will form a great side when they are able to combine for the U13 ESSA competition next year,” adds Mr King.

Full results were as follows:


Trinity Green 8-1 Whitgift A

Trinity Grey 6-6 Whitgift B

Trinity Green 7-1 Whitgift A

Trinity Grey 7-2 Whitgift B


Trinity Green 6-3 Whitgift A

Trinity Grey 6-3 Whitgift B

Trinity Green 9-4 Whitgift A

Trinity Grey 5-3 Whitgift B




“A huge thank you to Mr Heath and Mr Richmond who have worked wonders with these groups whilst making their competitive debuts as Trinity coaches.”

Mr King, Head of Performance Sport and Head of Aquatics

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