Our Music competition week is always eagerly anticipated and it gives a formal opportunity for our music staff to gauge our students’ progress and offer encouragement and advice. It also, of course, allows the pupils to hear each other and to be inspired by their peers. The music staff select finalists who are judged by an external adjudicator.

There has been plenty of discussion about the effects of the lockdowns on musical progress and it was very encouraging to note the excellent progress made by the vast majority of our young musicians. “Online tuition proved successful as a short term solution and pupils often had more time than usual to practise their instruments; it was also undoubtedly an attractive diversion,” says Mr Swinson, Director of Music. “Our pupils, though, have missed out on opportunities to perform in front of others – rather than just to a camera! – and it was particularly heartening to note the confidence and assuredness of many competitors.”

Particular congratulations to the winners, as follows:

In the Piano Competition, with adjudicator Mengyang Pan, Professor at The Royal College of Music, in the Grades 1-3 category, first place went to George Nearn-Stuart, second to Cobi Bahiti and third to Theo Funnell. Felix Goodacre was highly commended. In Grades 4-6, first place went to Christopher Bergs, second to Esosa Omonbude and third to Wilbur Knight while Ben Fletcher and James Banwell were both highly commended. And, in Grades 7-8, the winner was Lucas Wan, with Daniel Todd taking second place and Ayan Eswaran third. Both Dominic Holland and David Fitzpatrick were highly commended.

In the Woodwind Competition, with adjudicator Massimo Di Trolio, a professional clarinettist, currently playing in The Phantom of the Opera on the West End, the winner of the Grades 1-3 category was Joshua Lai (clarinet), with second place going to Karson Cheng (saxophone) and third to Yash Reddy (saxophone). Callum Beeney (clarinet) was highly commended. In Grades 4-6, first place went to Brayden Dekas (saxophone), second to Sumant Dinesh (saxophone) and third to Leo Jemison (bassoon), with Lucas Collier (clarinet) and Euan Chan (saxophone) both highly commended. And, in Grades 7-8, first place was awarded to Benjy Day (flute), second to Alessandro Mutti (oboe) and third to Rosemary Goodall (flute), with Daniel Ekundayo (flute) highly commended.

In the Brass Competition, with adjudicator Roger Willey,  a professional trombonist and Director of Music at Reed’s School, Cobham, Theo Weston won the Grades 1 – 3 category, with second place awarded to Reeyan Ganatra and third to Cobi Bahiti. George Nearn Stuart and Emile Guiblin were highly commended. In Grades 4-5, Benjy Gilbert was in first place, Arthur Clark in second and Arihant Tripathy in third, with Ed Smith highly commended. And, in Grades 6-7, first place went to Daniel Todd, second to Simeon Wren and third to Joseph Jenkins, with Theo Desai highly commended.


A huge congratulations to all of our performers!





"This proved to be a very good week for Lucas Wan as, in addition to winning his class in the piano competition, he achieved his grade 8 piano with distinction – a fantastic achievement!"

Mr Swinson, Director of Music

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