We are delighted to announce this year’s Trinity-Steinway Scholar is Upper Sixth student Zain Lam. Following a rigorous series of auditions, three students were invited to attend the final at the Royal College of Music (RCM) on Tuesday evening: Fifth Year student Isaac Rogers, Lower Sixth student Caden Cheong and Zain Lam. 

Finalists for the Steinway Scholarship '23-24

The students had to perform in front of Professor Vanessa Latarche, Head of Keyboard at the RCM. The performance standards were exceptionally high with all three pianists playing with technical mastery, musical depth and expressiveness. However, it was Zain’s performance of Liszt’s Ballade that was particularly impressive and fully justified this year’s award. 

Professor Latarche says, “I can hear the excellent progress Zain has made this year and I very much look forward to working with him.” 

Zain has been playing piano since the age of 7, and after joining Trinity as a JBug, studied piano at the Saturday Trinity Music Academy sessions as well as taking piano and cello lessons with the school’s inspiring music teachers. Zain has just returned from a musical tour of Venice, where he was one of four Trinity students to perform in multiple venues to paying crowds and experience life as a professional musician. 

Zain says, “I’m very grateful for the chance to be the Steinway Scholar, and I’m looking forward to the performance opportunities that follow. Last year I went for the Steinway Scholarship and made it to the final audition round, but I did not prepare well enough. As it is my final year, I prepared extra thoroughly using the methods and guidance given to me by Mr Persinaru and Mr Evans in Venice. I felt more nervous for the final round this year, as it was my last chance, and I wanted it even more. I am very glad to have gotten the scholarship and I feel a sense of relief that all the hard work I have put in is showing results.” 

Mr Evans, Head of Piano, says “Zain has been one of our standout musicians over the past few years and I’m delighted for him, it is certainly well deserved. We very much look forward to hearing his development in this, his final year at Trinity.” 

Zain continues, “I love playing piano as a way to destress and take a break from academics. I also love tackling challenging pieces as I enjoy feeling rewarded when I can play a difficult passage that I have worked on for hours. When I need a break from the serious classical repertoire, I sometimes indulge myself with playing pop songs by ear as it helps me to better understand harmonies and increases my learning speed.” 

The annual Trinity-Steinway Scholarship is a unique award and collaboration between Trinity, Steinway & Sons and the Royal College of Music, supporting talented young pianists. Zain will attend lessons with Professor Latarche at the RCM, attend a masterclass in Poland and give recitals in the Trinity Piano Festival, attend Venice in 2024 and a final performance at the Steinway Hall.  

Trinity became the first All Steinway School in London in 2012 and now benefits from an impressive fleet of 25 pianos, including two model D concert grand pianos and five further grand pianos. The Steinway Suite is the first teaching facility of its kind in the world, offering exceptional practice and research facilities.   

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