Yash Shetty launched the school science magazine, Ingenium, last year and this latest issue covers fascinating topics such as whether stress builds resilience; how close we are to eradicating allergies; and the mathematical modelling behind the fight against COVID-19.

Contributors to this edition include Simeon Wren, Daniel Todd, Adhiraiyan Sasikumar, Finlay Evans, Anoushka Samanata and Zain Lam.

“This edition saw the introduction of a peer-review process which has served as a new but  fascinating experience to everyone on the team. It enables us to hone our abilities to read, analyse and critique the writing of others while simultaneously learning from the strengths of peers’ work,” writes Yash, who edited and published the magazine himself, using Adobe InDesign, and is studying Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at A-Level.

“Staff played a great role in helping me get off the ground,” he adds. “I have a great passion for writing and science and being an avid reader, I wanted to create something that would enable me to make combine those interests. [Membership society] AAAS’s Science was also pivotal in sparking the idea to create a science magazine as was Westminster’s science magazine, Hooke.”

“If there is anything that I have learnt over the summer, it is how important it is to keep learning and improving. It is up to us to take the initiative and to take action.”

All students are welcome to submit an article. These then undergo a peer review process.







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