“Many congratulations to all the participants and particularly to the winners."

Mr Swinson, Head of Music

During the period of remote schooling, instrumentalists were invited to compete in String, Woodwind and Brass competitions by submitting video recordings.

In Brass, grades 1 to 3, the winner was Josh Bell (trumpet); with Conor Woodman (trombone) in second place and Emile Guiblin (euphonium) third. Grades 4 to 5 saw Tom Braganza (trombone) in first place; Benjy Gilbert (trumpet) in second; and Theo Chapman (trumpet) third. The grades 6 to 7 group winner was Ben Abraham (trombone), with Lucas Wan (horn) in second, and Simeon Wren (trumpet) third.

In Strings, first place for grades 1 to 3 went to Wilbur Knight (cello), with second prize going to Alex Graham (double bass) and third to Josh Webb (violin). Grades 4 to 6 saw Ethan Hua (violin) in first place, Ben Fletcher (violin) in second, and Esosa Omonbude (violin) in third. Grades 7 to 8 saw Jeremie de Rijk (violin) in first place; Julian Holland (violin) in second; and Edward Warner (cello) in third.

The Woodwind competition, grades 1 to 3 cohort, winner was Joshua Brown (saxophone), with James Banwell (bassoon) second and Callum Beeney (clarinet) third. Meanwhile, in grades 4 to 5, Ethan Campbell (saxophone) took first place, Ioan Edwards (oboe) second, and Lucas Collier (clarinet) third. And, in grades 6 to 8, Benjy Day (flute) took first place, Flynn Knight (saxophone) second and Nathaniel Bond (flute) third.

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