Twenty Lower Sixth students have been trained to be our next Senior Peer Mentors.

Research shows that students respond best to someone with similar experiences, which gives them wisdom and credibility.

Our programme, now in its second year, has become increasingly popular with our senior students. It involves older students supporting younger students with anything from academic achievement to confidence, organisation and managing commitments.

The training was conducted by Val Barritt, who has extensive experience in corporate mentoring and coaching, alongside working in education. The group covered listening skills, body language, motivation and goal setting, and they are already being paired up to use their skills and enthusiasm to help others.

One of the team said: “I learnt to listen properly so that my mentee feels confident in my ability to help and how to always remind them of the end goal”.

Any student in the Lower and Middle School can be referred to peer mentoring by their tutor. If you would like to know more please contact Mrs Carey.

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