In spite of the disruption caused by the various national lockdowns, pupils have continued to make excellent progress in their musical development and this has recently been demonstrated in some outstanding ABRSM music exam results.

Many congratulations to the following students who have either achieved distinctions in their exams or merits for the grade 8 or diploma:

Tate Nicol                                               ARSM Diploma Distinction           Flute

Surya Vijayanand                                ARSM Diploma Merit                       Piano

Aaron Blackman                                  Grade 8 Distinction                          Violin

William Davies                                    Grade 8 Distinction                           Piano

David Fitzpatrick                                 Grade 8 Distinction                           Piano

Rohan Lall                                              Grade 8 Distinction                           Piano

Thushan Peiris                                      Grade 8 Merit                                     Piano

Isaac Rogers                                           Grade 8 Distinction                          Piano

Alex Salama                                           Grade 8 Distinction                           Piano

Joshua Todd                                           Grade 8 Merit                                      Singing

Edward Warner                                     Grade 8 Distinction                           Piano

Daniel Warren                                      Grade 8 Merit                                        Flute

George Edwards                                   Grade 7 Distinction                             Clarinet

Finn Evans                                               Grade 6 Distinction                          Piano

James Bradburn                                    Grade 5 Distinction                           Bassoon

Joel Adu-Kwapong                               Garde 4 Distinction                           Oboe

James Smith                                           Grade 4 Distinction                           Alto Saxophone

“Particular congratulations to Ed Warner and Isaac Rogers who achieved the exceptional marks of 144/150 and 140/150 in their grade 8 piano exams,” says Mr Swinson, Head of Music.


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