After our first week of remote learning I want to thank everyone in our community for their commitment to making a successful start to this new way of working.

Our teaching and support staff have been working hard to ensure our students have meaningful work to complete in their homes and I would like to thank all students and their families for their support and engagement so far.

Thank you also to those who are keeping the School open for children of key worker parents and to those working behind the scenes to support others. We are facing challenging times and we hope that by working together we can come out from this an even stronger community.

This page will help us to to stay in touch during the School’s closure, and will be used to share updates on the activities we have enjoyed and found interesting. We hope this communication will prove helpful during these unprecedented times.

We would love to share photos and videos sent by our parents of our students at work (this could be, for example: academic studies, creative pursuits, hobbies, volunteering, music or sports activities).

Parents can share images and videos with us via this link.

With best wishes,

Alasdair Kennedy

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