Junior Mathematical Challenge 

The Lower School students (Junior, First and Second Years) recently participated in the UK Maths Trust Junior Mathematical Challenge, and the results have been returned to us in record time. 

A total of 205 students took part, and for many it was the first time they had tried such a challenge. Between them the students achieved 64 Gold, 56 Silver and 55 Bronze awards, which is a phenomenal result for the school, well done everyone!  

The Junior Mathematical Challenge is a 60-minute, 25 multiple choice challenge. It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency to make students think.  

Over a quarter of the students achieved the top award, placing them in the top 8.3% nationally, with 30 of those students invited to take part in the follow on round: the Junior Kangaroo, which takes place after half term. This is also a 60-minute challenge with 25 multiple choice questions. 

A special congratulations goes to Second Year student Sam who achieved the highest score in the school and to First Year Rishabh, and JBug Reyansh for achieving the highest score in their respective years. Well done!

Intermediate Mathematical Challenge 

At the same time, we also received the results of the follow-on rounds to the UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge, which is for students in the Middle School (Third, Fourth and Fifth Years). Twenty students took part in the Pink and Grey Kangaroos last term and we are pleased to announce that seven students achieved a Merit award. This places them in the top 25% for each of their groups, a great result! 

Again, a special congratulations goes to Third Year Aayan, who was the top scorer in the Grey Kangaroo and to Fifth Year student Ayan who topped those who took part in the Pink Kangaroo. Well done. 

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