During the first week of the holidays, a number of Lower Sixth students took part in a ‘Classroom to Boardroom’ course. They were given a task by RedSTART – an organisation set up to put people in control of their finances, which aims to provide individuals with the skills they need to manage their financial futures from a young age. Its team works with young people from all backgrounds across the UK.

Student Isaac Croucher said: “The Classroom to Boardroom was a fun, intense and enjoyable course in which we worked as a team in order to achieve a goal. I felt that I grew as a leader through taking responsibility for my team and I also developed key skills in order to work effectively as a group to produce an outcome in a limited time.

“The course allowed me to develop my confidence through presenting to an actual panel of directors and investors and allowed me to develop a further understanding of how businesses are run and the real-life challenges they face. It was very beneficial for my personal statement as well as my own personal drive and understanding of the world. It was a great experience.”

This is an annual event which has been held for the past few years. It is open to all Lower Sixth students.


“I really enjoyed working alongside my friends. As an arts and humanities student, I was able to put my creative skills to use as Head of Production and Design [during the challenge]. I loved how there was a role for everyone, no matter what skills everyone had; and without the support from my peers and their hard work, we would not have been able to successfully complete the challenge.”

Zoe Makele, Sixth Form student

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