Lower Sixth student, George Ogden, delivered a fascinating talk about the logic and theory behind winning games in Maths Society.

His audience described it as insightful and ‘abstract yet engaging’.

Mr Barlow explains: “George’s talk was about the Maths behind a number of games, such as Nim, a well-known mathematical game, and how to win at them.

“Because of COVID restrictions, we had the Lower Sixth in one room while the Upper Sixth were able to join via live video link. George had the two year groups competing against each other in the interactive session. He was quite the showman and succeeded in delivering an entertaining and informative talk thanks to his extensive preparation!”

George’s talk is just one in a number of interesting and original sessions planned for this term.

Mr Barlow warmly invites any students or parents who would like to hear, or indeed present, at Maths society, to email him directly at: ralph.barlow@trinity.croydon.sch.uk

Thanks George!

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