In recent weeks, our Lower Sixth students have taken part in a series of field day activities run by an external company called Inner Drive. This focussed on developing leadership, vision and teamwork through a series of interactive team-based challenges, and forms part of the broader Diploma programme.

It provided an exciting opportunity for our students to challenge themselves in an interactive and stimulating environment. The activities involved working together to plan an expedition, practising effective communication and discussing how to cope with leadership when under pressure.

The Head of Lower Sixth, Miss Boorman, said: “It was a brilliant day. The students threw themselves into the activities and had lots of fun. The skills being taught will be useful not only for the students’ time in the Sixth Form but also in their next steps after school. One member of Trinity staff also commented that he wished he could attend the day! The Inner Drive facilitators said that our students were a pleasure to work with and they produced some impressive results. Well done!”

Lower Sixth Form student Tate Nicol told us: “I found the most fun activity of the day the session on communication, in which we worked in pairs and as a team to try and convey information and develop our communication skills. This session was helpful, as it showed me just how detailed you must be as a leader to communicate effectively to your peers. It was something that I had never really thought about before, and so I know that it will be useful in later life. Furthermore, the group activities helped me to understand the roles in a group, how to dedicate smaller groups to different tasks, and most importantly, how to get a rowdy team of people started on a difficult task.”

If you would like to find out more about Inner Drive, please do visit their website.

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