Junior School Geography Society met virtually to discuss ‘Geography in the News’ recently, with students discussing news articles including those about a recent earthquake and volcanic eruption in Indonesia, and proposals for a new coal mine in Cumbria.

J-Bugs also participated in a ‘Cities around the World’ Kahoot quiz in line with what they are studying in their current Spring unit, on the topic of Sustainable Cities. The three boys who performed particularly well and made it on to the podium were Emile Guiblin, Joshua Lai and Imaad Khan. Well done to these boys!

First Year students then explored their ‘Birthday Coordinates’ in line with their Spring unit on Map Skills.

Miss Webber says: “Junior Geography Society is open to all keen geographers in Junior Year, First, Second and Third Year. Thanks to remote learning, we have been able to combine year groups and are hosting a weekly meeting every Wednesday at 1.40.

With 24 students signed up it has been an increasingly popular society. We discuss geography in the news, put to practice key geographical skills and take part in fun activities, games and competitions. As Michael Palin said, ‘Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future’.”



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