This week, we launched an exciting new digital learning programme in school. Here Mr van Graan, our Director of Digital Strategy, takes us through what it means for the school:

“Monday was the first day of a new year school year at Trinity, it was the first chance to travel to school as a student in Secondary school, it was the first time students could catch up with friends after a long holiday. There were several firsts on Monday and, in amongst all that excitement, I had the privilege of launching the new Trinity Digital Learning Programme to 53 JBugs and 143 First Year students.

“The Digital Learning Programme was put together when we looked at ways of further utilising new technology in school. By providing every student in those years with a digital device, we can help them find new ways of learning, new opportunities to be creative and independent and equip them with the digital literacy skills they will need in future lives.

“On Monday, we introduced each year group to their device and talked them through class rules, how to use the main applications and how to be safe with technology online and when travelling.

“For the First Years, we had set up 143 devices on desks for the students to find their own laptop. Standing at the front, seeing their faces light up as they found their device was wonderful. We went through some core educational applications that most students got to grips with quickly, we also introduced a few new ones like OneNote. With such a range of technology experience among the students, it was great to see so many eager to help each other. I think we also spotted a few future tech leaders already! The hour went quickly, and we felt we could have spent much longer answering the hundreds of interesting questions. Memorable ones include, ‘can I watch cat videos once I’ve done my homework?’ and ‘do the touch screens work if I use my toes?’

“Launching this programme also means a time of firsts for many teachers, who have been learning new ways to run lessons using the technology. We’re keen to enable the students to get the most out of their devices, but in a way that doesn’t detract from the excellent teaching and learning already present.

“The IT department has also been hard at work configuring the 200 devices over the summer, and there are lots of firsts for them regarding new software and a different way of working.

“I lastly want to say a huge thank you for the support the students have received from home this week, from charging devices to ensuring they are packed and ready for school the next day. I am excited about the opportunities presented by this programme.”

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