The Royal Society of Chemistry’s UK Chemistry Olympiad is open to secondary students across the British Isles and is designed to challenge and inspire, offering a unique opportunity for students to push themselves further and excel in this field.

It has now released the grade boundaries for its most recent Chemistry Olympiad which 18 of our students sat earlier this year.

Everyone who entered scored sufficiently highly to receive a reward, with two students – Aman de Silva – and Joel Cuttle – receiving Gold awards, which are given to the top 9% of entries nationally.

Congratulations also to Josh Todd, El Harrison, Ed Pauling, Nick Challier, Rosemary Goodall in the Upper Sixth, and Rohan Lall, Freddy Matta, Seth Thompson, Freddie Jemison and James Keers in the Lower Sixth Form for their well-deserved Silver awards.

Well done also to Mahdeia Hidary in the Upper Sixth and Lower Sixth Form students Caragh Haspel, Lenka Carter, India Rodway, Alex Chan and Jasper Weekes for their Bronze awards.

Dr Robinson, Head of Chemistry, comments: “I am delighted that we equalled last year’s record of 12 Gold and Silver awards. Many congratulations to all of the students who took part.”






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